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It is important to remember than the greatest influences on reactions and responses to health care treatment and management may be very unfamiliar to nurses raised in the United States.

Frequently, when immigrants arrive in a new country, they live in an ethnically homogenous neighborhood with people from their same cultural group.

Health care providers should teach from a position of mutual understanding and collaboration rather than trying to impose traditional Western medical practices that are unlikely to be effective.

The next step in cultural assessment is to determine how embedded the patient is in his or her traditional culture.

Areas such as the Lower East Side of New York City are typical of immigrants to the United States.

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It is important to remember that the patient’s personal interpretation of the illness experience is more significant than your view of the disease.

Immunization educational materials are intended to complement personal education and advice from the healthcare provider.

Informed patients, working together with their healthcare providers, are the key players in keeping themselves and their children healthy and protecting the health of the public.

The first step in cultural assessment is to learn about the meaning of the illness of the patient in terms of the patient’s unique culture.

Table 15 shows questions to ask during a cultural assessment.

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