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Due to Fecam project needings, they required different actions from different people.

Relatives of athletes and sport fans are the ones who demand the results of each game real-time, to know the latest qualifying marks and teams matches for the next round.

FECAM is a 25 years old instution who promotes integration with menthal disabilities through sport.

They are honor members of Special Olympics international and the organises national championships in Spain for 8 sports every year.

We understood the errors of the previous version of the application, which was focused mostly on solving very basic needing, and client understood the less time you take to correct that mistakes, it would have saved them a lot of time to progress faster searching for their real needing.

Special Olympics is going to add more integrated sports all over Worldwide organisations, and we'll have a lot of work to do on the application together with FECAM new Clubs and Teams.

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