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Ce type de transformations de surface n’est pas visible sur le terrain et nécessite une comparaison de modèles topographiques numériques afin de les mettre en évidence.La valeur moyenne de l’abaissement de la surface a été calculée à partir de l’ensemble des cartes numérisées et analysées : elle varie de 0,51 m sur la carte de Kamen, ville située à la frontière orientale de la région de la Ruhr, à 5,16 m sur la carte de Gelsenkirchen, dans la plaine alluviale centrale de la Emscher d’une surface totale de 128,5 km².Besides positive forms of landscape disturbances such as heaps, there are numerous negative forms resulting from ground surface subsidence frequently filled with water.One example is the lake “Lanstrop” in the city of Dortmund, localised in depression following mining activities in a coal mine nearby which was shutdown in 1985 (Bell et al., 2000).Over decades the area has developed into a conurbation with many different service industries.Due to the process of de-industrialisation, the cities in the Ruhr District succeeded in compensating for job losses in the secondary sector by attracting new jobs in the tertiary sector (Bronny et al., 2004).

The average amount of a surface lowering was calculated for all maps digitised and analysed, resulting in values between 0.51 m for the map of Kamen, located at the eastern border of the Ruhr District, and 5.16 m for the map of Gelsenkirchen within the central Emscher floodplain with a total area of 128.5 km Cet article présente la variabilité spatiale des altitudes dans la région de la Ruhr suite à l’extraction du charbon à grande échelle au cours des 100 dernières années.As a result, the highest values of subsidence, amounting to more than 25 m, were observed within the coalfields of the former coal mine “Zollverein” which is distinguished for its long mining history and its World Heritage status.Two examples from the cities of Essen and Dortmund analysed in detail reveal that not only depressions but also elevation features are affected by mining subsidence.The study presented here has focused on the quantification of the magnitude and the distribution of mining subsidence in the Ruhr District and has also allowed for the identification of subsidence areas, which are less striking due to different surface features.Since area-wide data on mining subsidence is not available or was not investigated to date, our project has led to the first large-scale and systematic collation of data on mining subsidence in the entire Ruhr District.

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