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Soon, the /CBTS/ (Calm Before the Storm) threads were formed, numbered and organized, rapidly garnering the attention of the internet community at large.

Q's posts coincided in a shockingly accurate way with world events and stood out as a possible hopeful presence for the removal of the invisible strings of control surrounding our everyday lives.

James Comey reportedly received million from Lockheed Martin, who also donated to the CF & once employed Stephen Paddock. which shows that [CJIowns [l]n [AJmerica has the ability to impersonate Russian cyber security firm, Kaspersky Lab, which means they can put Russia's fingerprint on anything.

We know Clinton bought the DNC & possibly influenced Trump's campaign hires to validate the Dossier.

Use your instincts, check your facts, and think critically. HSPD-12 PIV Card None evel 2 National Security Non-Critical Sensitive SF86 NACLC or ANACI 3 Confidential.

Q's presence had quickly inspired many youtube channels, twitter feeds, and awakenings among the people who could feel the yoke of oppression slipping from their shoulders and restoring hope. Pay attention to details as there can be several meanings to a single statement. SECURITY CLEARANCE CHART ENSm VITY CATEGORY APPLICATION TYPE OF INITIAL SECURITY/SUITABILITY REINVESTIGATION EVEL 1 FORM INVESTIGATION CLEARANCE DETERMINATION evel 1 Non-Sensitive SF85 None or NACI 2 None.

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The Podesta Group lobbied on behalf of SA, & Saudi Arabia has donated to the Clinton Foundation (CF), the John M Institute, Harvard, Georgetown, & Barack Obama (BO). BEFORE YOU START Here are the "QMap", it's the only thing you really need. Evidence shows that the CF tunneled money through Perkins Coie to retain Fusion GPS (FGPS) & create the Trump Dossier. The Clinton Foundation has taken money from many dirty places. One victim claims he said, "I'm going to rape you like I rape my daughter." Soros is also connected financially to Clinton, Mc Cain, & the Saudis. One of his top hedge fund managers was recently arrested for human trafficking. We show these to Q so he confirms it {at least it was the first way to confirm himself before the tripcode use, at the beginning of Q posting on 4chan, asyou will read further).

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