Shear characteristics and design for high strength self consolidating concrete

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Nowadays, carbon and glass fiber strips, rods, and wraps woven in one or multidirections are widely used as strengthening materials.

Many researchers used FRP for strengthening the flexure strength of beams.

This paper explains the method of analysis using 2D nonlinear isoperimetric degenerated layered finite elements with eight nodes and five degrees of freedom at each node.Reinforced concrete (RC) deep beams were often used and encountered in many structural applications such as diaphragms, bridges, water tanks, precast and prestressed construction, foundations, silos, bunkers, offshore structures, and tall buildings [1, 2].Deep beams are widely used as transfer girders in offshore structures and foundations.with the strong growth of construction work in many developing countries, deep beam design and its behaviour predication are a subject of considerable relevance.Many experimental studies have been performed to investigate the behavioral characteristics and the cause of the shear failure of RC beams [3–5].

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