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Also, when it comes to pictorial storytelling, multiple pictures can be used, as opposed to using a single image. In the above image, you see a collage that is actually used as a Facebook cover photo by Starbucks that visualizes their many fans in selfies drinking their coffee.

Take a look at Buzzfeed for example, it uses creative visual storytelling in most of its articles.One such example is this article on Pictures Showing The Restoration Of Detroit.In today's blog post you are going to learn why there is a rising need for the use of visual storytelling with some supporting statistics, what are the types of visual media used for storytelling on social media and what tools are available to help you create your very own visual stories.And, if you really want a huge amount of information shared in the fastest possible way, you can adopt visual storytelling via videos.It certainly takes a lot of time and effort creating a video story of your company or of any other information you think would interest your audience, but the effort is well worth it.

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