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You wouldn’t want to work in the PR part of Microsoft’s Windows 10 team right now.That’s curious, because you might think it would be their Golden Era at the moment. Windows 10 is more secure than all previous versions of Windows – it is, it really is!Secondly, Microsoft decided to “pre-download” Windows 10 onto many people’s computers to make it easier to upgrade later on, because the 3GB of needed data would already be there, ready to install with a simple click.Thirdly, popups dealing with updates to Windows 10 for free started to grab attention for all the wrong reasons, because they had the temerity to appear at just the wrong time.Well, Microsoft changed that attitude when Windows 10 came out, offering the upgrade for free.

We also explain why $$ is an optimal point of the security/performance tradeoff for SSE.

So there's a four month old issue in Sophos Cloud with this: The cloud console is reporting the error in the title on one of my machines.

I've done five reinstalls, including uninstall/reinstall.

– and it gets security updates more frequently, and with shorter delays, too.

For years, Microsoft was as good as blamed for the problem of malware, thanks to the ease with which malware could be written and distributed for Windows.

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