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It just sprays right off and it is way less likely to stain.

I found the bamboo insert to be notorious for becoming stained and horribly hard to get the stain to disappear but the minky will help to prevent a lot of me... Another part of this diaper I noticed that was different was the back flap of the diaper that covers the pocket opening.

It is supposed to hold about 20% more liquid than the old version.

Plus the minky also matched the color of the outside of the diaper!

It adds a nice fun pop to the inside of the diaper.

One thing I love about the minky is that is it so much easier to clean off than the old version when it comes to the whole poo issue.

I also love the lack of staining we have gotten and trust me DS has tested that out with his teething blow outs! I am really excited to see the new prints that Totsbots has come up with as well as the rest of the colored easyfits.

A special thanks to Bummis for giving me the chance to test out and review this diaper!

The new version also hold a lot of liquid and we haven't had any issues with leaking with it.

It went from a micro-suede type of material to a more nylon/spandex kind. I don't really think this will play much difference in the performance of the diaper.

Here is a close up of the materials on the back flaps.

Other than that I would say the inserts are pretty much identical as far as sizing goes.

I also wanted to check the diapers to see if the sizing was the same.

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