Thermoluminescence dating artifact links

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Educational outreach efforts by the Foundation in connection with historical and archaeological investigations at Fort Daniel seek to involve students in meaningful learning opportunities consistent with the Georgia State Curriculum and its performance standards.Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) provide “clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work.See also: USE OF ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE GEORGIA STATE CURRICULUM, GRADES 4-8 Archaeology, a sub-discipline of anthropology, is the scientific study of the life and culture of past peoples through the recovery and analysis of physical evidence.

Reading across subject areas and learning new vocabulary is imperative.(Note the use of new vocabulary in this statement.) Archaeological sites are laid out in a grid of equal-sized squares or units (ex. Each unit is precisely measured and numbered and recorded.Using appropriate materials such as a compass and straightedge, the archaeologist draws a two-dimensional plane of the site, labeling it appropriately.They define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards…(and) isolate and identify the skills needed to use the knowledge and skills to problem-solve, reason, communicate, and make connections with other information.

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