Updating ccr information

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Session-based charging is typically used for scenarios where the charged units are continuously consumed, e.g. An event-based credit control process uses events as charging mechanism.

Event-based charging is typically used when units are not continuously consumed, e.g. In order to support Credit Control via Diameter, there are two Diameter messages, the CCR (Credit Control Request) and the CCA (Credit Control Answer).

The application specifies methods for: The diameter credit control application does not specify which type units are bought/used and which items are charged.

In this example the server grants the client all the units it requested.

Finally, the subscriber has ended the session, and the client sends a termination message to the server containing the last Used-Units.

The server can use the termination message to clear any related reservations made in the back-end balance management system.

if the subscriber had insufficient balance it could have granted less units or rejected it completely.

When or before the subscriber session has used the granted units the client sends an update to the server telling it how many units have been used and how many it would like granted this time.

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