Updating firefox 2 to firefox 3

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So, the steps followed were (am using Windows 10 64bit): About Firefox).

In case that for any reason, Firefox upgrades itself again to v57, you can repeat the above procedure. Although I know that I will be left without updates for a while, my decision is to wait until all my critical add-ons and extensions are upgraded for v.57 (and all the "child diseases" of the new version are eliminated). Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

Firefox ESR 52.2.0 64 bit on Mac OS Sierra seems to work just fine. Particularly, it is noticeable while printing a pdf preview with either Adobe acrobat reader XI or DC.

I do not know if it is every pdf, but most from USBank have the problem.

Like at this url: https:// of our accounting people also cannot print a account statement web page document.

I have verified this is not a pdf, but was unable to determine what kind of document, although it looks like a print preview.

updating firefox 2 to firefox 3-7

updating firefox 2 to firefox 3-70

updating firefox 2 to firefox 3-19

updating firefox 2 to firefox 3-61

Now, at home I use the same add-ons and I'd like to prevent losing my tab groups so I'm looking for a way to disable automatic updates (which are enabled) An alternative solution to blocking all updates, is to move to a fork of Firefox which will keep the XUL add-on format, now called "Legacy" by Firefox, while still installing security updates.

This should be easier and more reliable than having to manually edit some Javascript file which will probably just be reset after the next system package update.

Presumably, the devs will alter or remove this option as well, so the better long term solution is probably to abandon Firefox altogether and use a browser that respects your privacy and doesn't force you to auto-update against your will.

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Visit Stack Exchange So at work, my Firefox got automatically updated to 57.0 (Quantum) since I have automatic updates enabled.

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