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Poorly drained soils are typically saturated with water during wet weather and stay wet forlong periods of time after a heavy rain.Since much of the space between the soil particles is already filled with water, the effluent leaving the sewage system is forced to rise and collect on the surface of the ground causing foul-smelling and swampy conditions.The thin layer of soil which covers the bedrock is insufficient in depth to support a leaching system.Leaching systems may need to be installed at a shallower depth due to shallow bedrock or elevated groundwater conditions.If it does not, the oxygenlevel required by the microorganisms which thrive in the aeration unit will not be sufficient and they will begin to die.

Unfortunately, much of Cuyahoga County consists of poorly drained clay soils.

These systems are designed withwider trenches which utilize evaporation to the air and transpiration to grasses and plants to help dispose of the wastewater.

These systems are often called E-T (evapo-transpiration) systems.

Just like conventional leaching systems, they incorporate a distribution system of perforated pipes which disperse wastewater throughout a series of gravel trenches.

A series of distributionboxes assist in evenly spreading the flow throughout all of the trenches in the system.

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