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Action Replay is a game modifier for the Nintendo DS system that allows users to use a number of codes, cheats and other modifiers with their DS game cartridges.The device is fully updatable, but doing so requires the application interface. plug in the usb cable into your action replay card and your computer. start up your DS with action replay it should automatically recognise its plugged in 5.To Update your action replay connect your action replay with the cable provided to your computer (your DS and action replay should be switched on) open up your action replay code manager.

Here are some risks: Action Replay DS: Very big risk of freezing gameplay (Game freezes because Action Replay bumps into something (But…No, you will need a different format of Action Replay, which will be more expensive.BUT you can use your action replay DS with it for your DS games the action replay DSi is not compatible for some odd reason -_- The GBA and The DS 2 in 1 Action Replay in reality is just a GBA Action Replay because I have one and for the DS slot it won't work.first, plug in the cable that is included in the action replay box into your computer. A screen should pop up on your computer listing all of the games. Note: Action Replay DS will NOT work with the Nintendo DSi The Action Replay gets placed in the game slot.Your game gets put in the slot on TOP of the action replay.

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