Validating dropdownlist asp net

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But validating the Drop Down List control with Required Field Validator is not a straight forward as validating a Text Box control with Required Field Validator.

In the previous article I have explained Show Gridview row detail in Tooltip on mousehover using Jquery in; Fill dropdownlist with days, month and year in, Server side validation in MVC Razor using data annotation, Like linq query example and bind gridview, If you found this article useful, please share and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media websites. Please put your thoughts and feedback in comments section.The server would then need to send all the data back to the client and request that the form be resubmitted with the correct information.So this is not an efficient way to do the validation.Net Text Box, Add Java Script Function To Button Control in Using C#, Autocomplete Textbox in Asp. Net With Data Base Using C# Ajax Control Toolkit, Simple Login Form In Asp.

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