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Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular online IM apps.

Meebo is the most popular among the free online IM services and for a very good reason.

As an icing on the cake, Nimbuzz also lets you know the physical location of your chat buddy, if he/she has the feature turned on.

Being a relative newcomer, offers its own set of unique features.

Unlike these desktop IM apps, online instant messengers do not require plugins or installers.

Hence these web based IM apps have found a huge user base and some services are handling millions of users.

e Buddy allows you to have all your buddies from multiple IM accounts in one single list.

With this feature, all your IM accounts can be linked together from the settings page.

Buddies chatting from a mobile phone are indicated by a mobile phone icon right next to them.

Kool IM presents a friendly, lightweight and easy to use online IM interface mimicking almost all common features we expect from a desktop Instant Messenger.

If you use videolink2me often and got tired of creating and sending conference link to other participants each time you want to connect, you will probably like personal videolinks.

It allows you to become an owner of videolink and use the same personal link for all future video calls.

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