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I looked straight into his eyes, gave him a soft kiss and as seductively as I could said: “I belong to you now, don’t be afraid to take me to the edge…. While only somewhat erect, I found my bull’s member to still be quite a large endeavor for my mouth but I worked my Bulls hot and swollen helmet deep into my throat as I had practiced.I’m dedicated to you and only you……master” His only response: “Were not going to the restaurant”In a flash, I found myself at the hotel, through the main lobby, into the elevator and at the door of the executive suite Steven had procured for us. I immediately glossed over my bulls tool with precision as it became even more engorged and massive.The day’s conversation while shopping and preparing let us become closer to one another than we had in years.

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I could tell he needed me to say that I was his and that he was in charge. I had handled my Bulls manhood before but had never allowed myself to honor my bull by taking him orally.His large and wonderfully give lips pressed into mine, sending shockwaves of passion throughout my entire body.If I had any lingering doubts or apprehension as to if this was the correct choice evaporated immediately…I was now his and I wanted to give him everything.This night was no exception but I was warm with anticipation.My husband and I had gone through all the ups and downs over the past months that all new couples go through when entering into this lifestyle.

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