Who is craig horner dating now

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Bridget’s on-screen marriage with Australian actor Craig Horner, who portrayed Richard Cypher, seemed more fairy-tale than her actual wedding ceremony!Also, after 44 episodes of the enticing romance, it takes real effort to not wish the two actors were together."I think that Craig and I are really staying true to who those people are in the book and their relationship," said Bridget in an interview.Horner also sees why a guy like Andy (Nick Clifford), Becca's childhood friend who has always had a crush on her, may be a more suitable choice to bring home to meet the parents. "Whereas some guys are trying to be a rock star and are just barely scraping by.The parents get worried because that guy has to provide for their daughter." Sean appears a little more financially secure than wannabe rock stars."I was seven when I realized we weren't part of America. All these wonderful things that Hollywood makes up are in another country, and I can't get there.I can't open up my manhole on the street and expect to see Raphael down there," he laughs.They'll always think I'm up to something from now on!” Her villainous roles have been also been a turning point for her career.

"He's very confident, even though his career hasn't quite taken off.

But whenever you break up with someone and you try dating again, it feels rough," Horner says. The 32-year-old actor admits that his character will always have a soft spot for her, but it may be too late for them to start over.

"You're comparing everything to how good the last one was. As Thanksgiving came to a close in last week's episode, Sean ended their second go around and went back to Paige with his hat (and tacos) in hand. She's going to like that he has a good job and is very polite," Horner says.

Australian television actor known for his appearances on Legend of the Seeker and Blue Water High.

He first appeared on the Australian program Cybergirl. Craig was born in 1980s, in the middle of Millennials generation.

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